2015 Hunting Season

2015 Hunting Season

2015 Hunting Season

December 31, 2015 by

Our spring black bear hunt was our first hunt of the season which takes place during the month of May. All our hunters harvested a bear this spring. Two of our hunters, Kevin Countryman (OH) and Francois St. Louis (QU) both took beautiful blonde bears, a rare opportunity no matter where you go!

Our mule deer archery hunts were next on the schedule. We took bowhunters in both September and October. All of this years bowhunters had a shot and 6 of the 9 harvested a buck. We had an exceptional average of 184" on the 6 bucks that were took! For more information on our 2015 bow season please check out our 2015 BOW HUNT REPORT.

In mid September we trailed our horses in with two sheep hunters into our bighorn sheep hunting area. Hunter Kevin Countryman (OH) was looking to complete is first grand slam and Perry Null (NM) trying to complete his second slam. We backpack hunted hard and at the end of the hunt we were unable to find a good ram for Kevin but Perry connected on a nice ram to complete his second grand slam. What an achievement!

On the last week of October we started our mule deer rifle hunts. Brothers Jim (WA) and Tim Lee (MT), both on their second hunt with us as well as Curt Chiesa (CA) on his first mule deer ever started it off and they all connected on good bucks. Our next hunters arrived as the deer rut was starting. David Dibblee (NJ) and friend Bobby Diaforli (NJ) both on their first hunt out west connect on good bucks by day 3 of their hunt. Also that week Bob Hodson and his son Matt (WA) were hunting, both got their mule deer and Matt also connected on his first ever whitetail, a dandy 156". The third week of November we had Ed Laga (MA), Bruce (NV) and son Eric Horn (CA) all hunting whitetail and Dave Poske (WV) as the only mule deer hunter. Dave had a heavy, old brute of a mule deer down by the third day and Ed took a nice whitetail that day as well. Bruce got his first whitetail buck on day four and unfortunately Eric missed a shot at 165" whitetail and didn't fill his tag by the time the hunt ended. For the final week of the season we had Jeff Smith and his son Nate as well as his father in law, John all from Washington state as well as Rex Knight and his friend Ron Suderman both from Michigan. In five days everyone had filled their tags and we had three mule deer and three whitetails tagged.

It was a banner deer season with good antler growth and every bowhunter and rifle hunter had a shot. I would like to thank each hunter for coming to hunt with us this year as well as all the guides and cooks, without you, none of this would be possible!

Until next time, good luck!
Your Outfitter,
Andre van Hilten

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