Alberta Canada Mule Deer Bowhunting

Alberta Canada Mule Deer Bowhunting

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A truly exciting bowhunting adventure!

If you want to hunt big, mature mule deer join us on a spot & stalk archery mule deer bowhunting adventure. These challenging mule deer bow hunts are a great experience you will not soon forget!

Archery mule deer bow hunts take place in a mixture of agricultural crop and native grass country in the prairie and foothills of southwestern Alberta. Mule deer have flourished in this area because Alberta resident rifle hunters have to draw tags. Because of this management program, the habitat and mild weather, many deer are able to grow to a mature age.

Our archery mule deer bowhunts take place in October. Bowhunting season allows our archery hunters an opportunity at undisturbed deer. Our usual bowhunting method is to wait for bucks to bed down, get the wind in our favour, and make a stalk that will get us within bow range. Average shots are between 30 - 40 yards and bow hunters will have a great opportunity at solid Pope & Young class mule deer from 150" to 190" plus range.

We have guaranteed tags and no draws are required!

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Will my guide have bowhunting experience?

Absolutely. Our guides live locally in our hunting area and have extensive experience bowhunting for mule deer. Our current guides have been with us from 5-15 plus years.

How far should I proficiently be able to shoot?

The average shot length is probably around 35 yards. This is open country but typically there is enough cover and undulation in the landscape that a hunter can get within this range. Practicing long distance is great as it can make the closer shots more comfortable. A hunter has to be honest with themselves and their guide with what there maximum accurate shot distance is in the heat of the moment when adrenaline is rushing and the shot opportunity is about to unfold. If you are confident at cleanly harvesting an animal at 45-50 yards, this will greatly increase your odds at being successful. Going through your shot routine on a 3D target is one thing, doing it on a big, mature buck is a totally different game!

What kind of camouflage should I bring to hunt here?

During our October bow hunts the main colors a camouflage pattern should have in it is light browns and yellows. Patterns like Prairie Ghost, Open Country and Kings Field pattern work great here.

Should I used fixed pin or single pin sights for this hunt?

This is a personal preference. I prefer having a single pin sight so mentally you can hold the pin exactly on the spot you want to hit. This is if the situation allows you to adjust your pin accordingly. One should always practice with your single pin like you would with fixed pins, know where it shoots give or take 5 yards so if you are in the situation where a deer is moving towards or away from your location and you do not have the time to adjust or if you can’t risk making the movement needed to make an adjustment.

Should I use a fixed blade broad head or a mechanical?

Most broad heads nowadays are engineered to almost perfection but the most important part is how do they fly with your setup when taking longer shots. Typically most mechanicals fly pretty true but on occasion some can fail to open properly depending on design and shot placement and angle. Fixed blade broad heads can be hard to tune but rarely do they fail in performance. Bring a broad head that flies good with the set up you will be bring, one that you have had success with in the past. At the end of the day it is all about shot placement. If you hit the right spot pretty much any broad head will do its job!

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