2021 Hunting Season

2021 Hunting Season

2021 Hunting Season

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Well the 2021 hunting season ended on a great note! For the Canadian outfitting industry, 2020 was a devastating year for business as many outfitters rely mostly on international clients for their business. We were fortunate to have a few hunters from Alberta and other parts of Canada during the fall of 2020 and for this little business we got from them we are forever grateful! The beginning of 2021 was not shaping up much better as the border was still closed for our spring bear season in May but again we had a few Canadians that joined us for this hunt. Jeff Summers, Jeff Jess and Will Trow, all from Alberta were able to harvest bears with us.

It was July when we got the news that our border would open in early August. We kicked it into high gear and got ready to head north to our sheep hunting area to prepare for the coming season that starts on Sept. 1st. Sheep season was awesome, all our sheep hunters got through the border and we harvested 3 rams for 5 hunters. Congrats to Rusty, Paul and Gary on their rams. 

Archery mule deer hunters came in September and October. Although we only harvest 3 bucks for 10 hunters, 4 other hunters had shots that did not end with a harvest and the 3 others that did not shoot were hunting big bucks but just did not quite get a solid, high percentage shooting opportunity at them.

Our rifle deer hunts started in late October and went until the end of November. We hunted for both whitetail and mule deer and when the dust settled 16 of the 17 hunters successfully harvested deer with the one client that did not get a deer having to leave for home half way through his hunt.

We are so grateful for all the clients that could join us for a hunt throughout these times that we have had to deal with covid. There has been so much uncertainty but everyone that came knew that it was worth the extra hassle that comes with travel now. One sometimes can’t truly appreciate what you have until it is taken away from you. I love my job and when you can’t work due to no choice of your own, it is very frustrating. Hopefully we are now on back on course with a bright future for the traveling hunter ahead!

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